Urban Biz Centre is another portal to research and develop your ideas. We have BAF (Business Advanced Facilities) to help you refine your research with advisers ready to support you.

We are a part of a interdisciplinary team with our partners to find solutions for the reasons you come to us!, We have a partnership with other organisations for us to share our latest research results in exchange for opportunities to provide a better service and customer satisfaction.

We are distinctive in our critical perspective of standard solutions, the reliability of research that underpins our values from our customer charter.We have a primary focus to “Open the doors of economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities”

To help us meet the needs of our client group, we conduct research on an internal and commission basis. It’s important that we remain informed of the issues that affect disadvantaged communities within the region in order for us to offer the real solutions. Staying one step ahead ensures that our clients are given the best opportunity to succeed.

  • Population Growth

    Bradford’s population is growing by twice the national average

  • Doncaster has

    attracted over £1 billion worth of investment since 2000. Year on year figures indicate a healthy growth rate.

  • 750,000

    People make Leeds the second-largest metropolitan district in England.

  • The entrepreneurial

    spirit is more present in Bradford than generally in the UK, with start-ups accounting for 12% of the business community.

  • The media

    communications and advertising sector in Leeds is growing by about 10% a year.

  • Business

    confidence is higher in Bradford than in the UK as a whole