Through the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programmes we are involved in delivering in Bradford, Leeds and Doncasterour main target group has been BAME groups but with a distinct focus on the workless and economic inactive. Within this broader group we also have a focus on refugees. Methods of engagement include paid outreach workers working within target communities with community centres to set up information events as well as drop in-centres to inform clients of the specific support available. We have also undertaken local promotion activity such as leaflet drops.

    Funded through Bradford, Leeds and Doncaster local authorities respectively


    In learning programmes such as theEmployability Skillsprogramme that we are delivering on behalf of VC Trainin Leeds and theBME Equality and Diversity Traineeshipsthat we are delivering on behalf of the BME Learning Networkin Leeds and Bradford, we undertake intensive initial assessments which inform the learning and support that can be offered to each client. These assessments also set out routes to hopeful positive destinations and support that we can broker or directly provider for them to achieve this.

    Funded through Learning & Skills Council and Job Centre Plus

    Funded through Yorkshire Forward and Learning & Skills Council


    In 2006 we successfully delivered theFair CitiesCultural Adaptation Programmewhich was targeted at the young and economically inactive people from the BME communities (especially Black African & Caribbean) with a view to removing barriers to learning and employment.The programme focussed on promoting equal opportunities as well as offering facilitated training on integrating into mainstream British Society. The project has recently been adapted and used as part of the capacity building support in our LEGI programmes to offer migrants and refugees support in how to overcome cultural barriers to engaging in self-employment.

    Funded through Fair Cities – strand of Home Office funding


    We currently run a preparation for work programme under theBME Equality and Diversity Traineeshipsprogramme which incorporates a package of support and learning i.e. basic skills development, confidence building and barrier removal, IAG, and mentoring for people from BME communities looking for employment.

    Funded through Fair Cities – strand of Home Office funding


    In theJobs and Work Skillsprogramme we delivered on behalf of Careers Bradford, we engaged with British Gas to offer a programme of support to unemployed young people from BME communities in Bradford.

    The programme involved providing clients with IAG and interview skills with a view to getting an interview with British Gas to work in the Customer Services department. We have also worked with local employers in Bradford and Leeds to offer clients placements and work taster sessions.

    Funded through Fair Cities – strand of Home Office funding


    Through the Pathways to Successand Footsteps to Successprojects we had mentors working on the programme that offered clients pre and post intervention support to ensure that levels of people sustaining employment were high.

    Funded through Jobcentre Plus

    Funded through Jobcentre Plus